Digital Pathology one-stop solution from specimen registration to report

Laboratory information system. Diagnostics platform. Analytical interfaces. ML assistance algorithms. No microscopes. No paperwork. Our own clinical lab to showcase.

Software platform

Laboratory Information System

Modern LIS designed specifically for pathology labs. Provides specimen tracking on every preparation stage. Integrated with IHC stainers, grossing stations, slides scanners. Get every bit of workflow automated and controlled.

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Diagnostics module

A digital workplace for modern pathologists. Collaborate on every case, analyse digital slides with speeds equal to physical microscope. Read case documents, DICOMs, photos, request additional information from patients clinicians.

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Analytical interfaces

Get real-time data of labs performance with detail level up to stage delay of a single histoblock and responsible lab technician. Manage your clients, services, cashflow. Monitor case solving timings, individual performance of every staff member.

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Our own clinical laboratory

We opened our own digital clinical pathology lab in Skolkovo Technopark, Russia in Jan’2018.

Our laboratory:

  • successfully proves that digitizing 100% of workflow in pathology is not only possible, but that it provides a huge amount of new opportunities for the industry
  • operates with a full capacity of a modern lab, from grossing to IHC staining and diagnostics
  • fully uses our software solutions on every stage and generates relevant demand for software features and modules, so we are improving things that actually need improvement
  • uses a managed distributed network of narrow-profiled pathology experts in addition to our on-site medical team to perform collective clinical diagnostics and create validated pathology reports in 72 hours for all possible cases


Our clinical results in 2018

From 10 cases in the lab per day to 110

In Jan'2019 we were frequently told that a digital lab cannot be anything but some fancy "boutique" project, with no real cases volume. In 1 year from opening we achieved 3200 reports per month with montly growth rate of 10%.

From 2 full-time pathologists to 6 full-time and 15 consultants

Pathologists naturally tend to work alone, as collaboration through multihead microscope is both cubersome and slow. We've managed to gather a real collaborative team that is online with each other almost 24/7. No physical boundaries for us there.

From 10 daily cases per pathologist to 30

Can you move faster than others if most of your cases require consilium work? It appers that you can. With reporting standardization, notification systems and digital ergonomics we've already surpassed the productivity of average labs.

From 60 daily slides per lab technician to 100

Can you move faster if every action has to be tracked by using scanner equipment? It appears that you can. No need to sort through material, no need to fill slide panels, no need to write down requests for additional sectioning, no need to setup IHC stainer. No hassle in the lab proves to be very beneficial for the speed.

We're trying to keep documentation up-to-date, but with the speed of our developments, it's always behind. Better something than nothing, though.

Our history

We were initially a software dev company. But at some point we realized that the only way to bridge clinical and technical worlds is by example.

Beginning as a service company

2015-2016 year

First prototype of a platform, used for collaboration on difficult cases by central oncologic institutes in Moscow

Opening of our own clinical laboratory

Jun-Dec 2017

Major pivot in UNIM history - we've become a clinical medical operator. The unique team of developers and doctors was born.

Digital Pathology became reality


Digital workflow held the test of time while benefits of digitizing were accepted in Russian market, cases flow increased ten-fold.

Our clients


SM-Clinic is one of the largest private network of broad-profile clinics in Central Region of Russia working since 2002. 19 sites, more than 1500 doctors and top-grade equipment.


Medsi is the largest private network of clinics in Russia, with 25 sites in Central Region and 8 in other regions, 70 small clinics and 2 recreational clinics.


CMD is a large state-based diagnostics centre with dozens of front-offices. Its main focus is genetics and biochemistry.

One of largest broad-profile state hospitals in Moscow

Latest news

Proof-of-Concept neural network for metastases detection deployed


We had to increase our GPU units ten-fold to handle the needed computing power. But now we have every new H&E slide checked for metastases, and those can be as smalls as several cells in size.

CMD contract signed, API integration is done


We aimed to start working with CMD after having API integration done, so we won't even start with papers exchange. It took us 3 weeks to implement integration services, now we're starting cases flow.

Our first hosted event on diagnostics


Our Chief Physician has led the event on Breast Tumor diagnostics. With hundreds of instantly available reference cases, this event had different flavor from usual conferences.

Second grossing station arrived into the lab


Usage of the first grossing station peaked in 3 weeks and reached 120% (from 8am to 9pm) and we had some trouble keeping our standards of 72/96 hours for report sending. We apologize for the inconvenience.